Sunday, March 22, 2009

A fresh beginning, sans fresh promises...

This declaration is more for my own self, than for anyone else:

I, am not blogging, for any of the following:

1) To give the world a fascinating peek or sneak preview into my life, my thoughts, my opinions
2) To re-start from where I had left off 3 years ago when I became too lazy to update my blog
3) To find an outlet for any frustrations that I may have in life; broken dreams, broken relationships et al

And as to the reasons for blogging, the blog will justify itself...


  1. Aha LA! We wait for the reasons to surface! :)

  2. Arre...They will surface...All in good time :-)

  3. Hope this one makes as interesting a read as did its predecessor !!

  4. Awesome dude, I will be a regular visitor - Adi

  5. i will be a regular visitor as well