Friday, September 10, 2010

iPhone 4 price in India...

I have been itching to lay my hands on the iPhone 4.

But Apple's India pricing generally leaves me feeling very uncomfortable.

I have been trying to estimate what they are likely to set as the price for the iPhone 4.

The simplest way of doing this, I felt, was to see prices of other similar Apple products worldwide with those in India and work out some sort of "Apple exchange rate"(I call it that because Apple products in India are priced much higher than what they would be if one directly converted using the exchange rate. I am not sure whether its custom duties or arrogance or both)

Unfortunately, I cannot use the iPhone 3GS as a reference because Apple doesn't mention an official price for it on their India website. I need something which has readily available India and international prices.

The iPod Touch, 4th generation, is a good fit in that respect.

So I went ahead, comparing prices:

8 GB229178832818915400
32 GB299228842824919900
64 GB399308858832925900

Dividing the INR price by the corresponding foreign currency price and averaging it allows me to work out the "Apple exchange rate" versus the actual exchange rate. Here are the rounded figures:

Actual RateApple Rate
USD-INR   46.566
GBP-INR    7280
HKD-INR     68.5
SGD-INR    3546

A glance tells me that Apple is kindest when it comes to Hong Kong, as far as pricing is concerned. The UK suffers the most.

Next step, work out the implied India iPhone 4 pricing using actual and Apple exchange rates. I have excluded the US since there is no non-contract iPhone 4 price available.

iPhone versionHKDGBPSGD

16 GB4988499888

32 GB58885991048

INR -Actual Exchange RatesINR - Apple Exchange Rates

So the iPhones in India may be priced at 41k and 49k respectively. Startling differences here! If I were to believe in this study, buying the iPhone from Hong Kong, or even Singapore, makes a lot of sense. Theres a site called which claims to ship iPhones from the UK; they are better off trying to get it from HK / Singapore (provided they have the necessary contacts)! Its an unlocked version that you get there (unlike the US) so no fuss about that either. So grab hold of that friend whos going to HK on a weekend trip, and save 11000 rupees! Of course, getting it into India is the tricky part. What customs duty will be applicable? I am honestly not aware. But I do know it will be difficult to stomach the ignominy of shelling out 41k for an iPhone 4 in India, knowing that the same thing costs 30k in the HK (and less than 41k throughout most of the world)

Why make Indians pay more, Mr Jobs?


  1. Akshat,

    There is another price parity, called friendly neighborhood smuggler's. Generally depends on the ease of getting the goods in India and the demand supply equilibrium. Most of the time USD to INR is around 60, but if you are comparing discount stores in US, it may be as high as 100.

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