Saturday, May 14, 2011

A decision

A decision is not that which is simple. Its not the shirt you choose to wear to work. Its not the packet of biscuits you hand over to the old desitute lady at the CST signal.

A decision is the one that rips your innards part. It is what leaves you with sleepless nights, as your mind gives form to the outcomes of various choices, conjuring up multiple scenarios with amazing alacrity. You reach out to those forms but they fade away like wisps of smoke.

A decision is that which makes you give up what you are for what you think you can be. That's why its so damn difficult. You have to choose a possibility over an existing state. And the possibility is your expectation of it. It's not a given. You stand naked before your judgment.

A decision is between multiple rights. Multiple points of view. There is a lot of chatter, a lot of noise. You have to cut out the noise, and synchronize with the tune playing in your mind. Let it play. Louder and louder.

A decision is that which confuses you. Between what you want should happen, and what you think will happen.

A decision has serious stakes. Dead earnest, serious, stakes. It's consequences are hard-coded. There is no undo.

A decision does not always make you happy or sad. It's always grey. There are always mixed feelings.

A decision is always taken under incomplete information. With complete information, there is no need for a decision. You have to connect the dots. Fill in the blanks. It will always make you wonder if you have missed out on something. That typical feeling when you leave home, wondering if there's something you forgot to carry along.

A decision is not always between choices that you want. It is between the choices that you have. Or perceive that you have.

A decision is not deterministic. There are no answers at the back of the textbook. There can't be an answer, because there never was a question.

A decision cannot be taken by a machine. Because it involves constructing visions.

A decision, is what makes you human...

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