Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Princess & The Servant

"Be off, thou vagabond; See no one the Princess shall"
The Guard thundered; The Servant humbly bowed
"O mighty warrior; Meet her if I could but once;
Though sadden her heart beyond reckoning it will;
For painful tidings I bring to her this hour
Of him who was the breath of her life"

"Thou shall meet her then, for a minute or two
But not a moment longer, for I detest thy looks"
Saying so, the Guard threw open the door
The Servant stepped forth & gazed in horror
Sorrow abounded in the closed chamber
With the figure motionless seated in the centre

She turned at the sound of the door
"Is it ye, my faithful, my ardent, my incorruptible?
Long gone ye were, what news do ye bring?"
"Shower not such commendations, Princess
On this minion unworthy and inept
Set out I hath with thy message in hand
Alas, for fate seeps like hourglass and sand
Thy precious message I could deliver not
It transpired what Providence hath wrought"

The Princess rose, her face deathly pale 
"I am but a canoe, cast by the gale
I knew it would transpire, but was in disbelief
Thy tiding now musters a morbid relief"
"Ah Princess, not kindness; thy cruelty I seek
Am I condemned to be pardoned by thee?"
"Grieve not O lackey; Rejoice we may yet
Tell me about him for whom my heart wept"

"His glory blinded the eye, O Princess
As he stepped forth to claim his bride
All the folk present stood in awe of him
His nobility shone through each stride"
"Speak ye now, about her that left me lorn
The one whose unfeeling finger his ring now adorns"

"Seek thy forgiveness, I do, O Princess
For in falsehood I may not dwell
Words will do her scarce justice
For her beauty is beyond compare
The sight of her purifies the wickedest
So many have narrated oft in legend"

"Fie, for now ye have saddened my heart
Is there no redemption, no promise of a start?
Must I look ahead into mere nothingness
Will I not feel once more his sweet caress?"
Saying so, the Princess covered her face
Her mourning could not pierce her gaze

The Servant watched with fists tight
He called out to her with all his might
"Thy despair I cannot bear; I jest no more
Look now Princess, who stands at your door"
At this the Servant stood, and removed his mask
And lo! the Prince was revealed standing at last!