Monday, February 28, 2011


We were meant to journey together
Hand in hand, the apple of my eye
You said you were always by my side
While I tried to pluck the clouds from the sky
Hush, why has your look now changed
Did their insolent touch rob your innocence?
No don't give me that seductive smile
Bear it I cannot; Nor that look of cunning
I was dancing to the tune that you were playing
Was I wrong to think it held everything?
You were the one with me night and day
Why do I get up and fight you everyday?
I sought comfort in your embrace
Now I shudder at your angry gaze
For I am nowhere, a seed not sown
Will you not awaken and call me your own?


  1. Beautiful piece of work...I hope its not a reflection of ur mind :)

  2. Thanks! A poem has to be a reflection of the mind :)

  3. Lovely!!!...the content is very subjective. One can relate it to their frame of mind and read it like a mirror...

  4. Thank you! Yes, that's the point!