Sunday, June 19, 2011

MGRP takes cue from Bipasha Basu, to launch instructional video on goondaism...

An old post which didn't get posted; I had actually submitted it to a well known site which publishes such news; It got rejected by them as they felt they had published too many articles on the same theme already. A conversation with a friend reminded me of it today and I thought what the heck - why not post it now!!!

MGRP takes cue from Bipasha Basu, to launch instructional video on goondaism

After Bipasha Basu launched her sensational new video on fitness and exercise, the Maharashtra Goonda Raj Party is all set to launch its own instructional video on its core competency – goondaism.

An MGRP spokesman, who wished to remain unnamed, confirmed that the project was already underway and would soon be completed pending Supremo approval. Though the title is not finalised, our analysts expected it to be named “Mee, Mumbai Darr” (I, Mumbai Get Scared)

The publicity for the video is to be carried out through word-of-mouth on YourTube & FaeceBook as well as outdoor billboards. The concept draft for the campaign depicts a moustached man in a saffron kurta-pyjama with the tagline “Gheun Taak” (Roughly translated as “Take’em Apart”).

Though they remained tight-lipped about the content, our sources suggest that it will have a comprehensive coverage of goondaism in Maharashtra, with live demonstrations by an assortment of subject matter experts. Among other things, the video is expected to have sections on vandalism in cinema halls, road blockages, issuing threats to celebrities & shutting down offices. Special sections will include disruption of Valentine’s Day celebrations & intimidation of migrants.

Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Savant have been roped in as Brand Ambassadors. Ramesh Todmarodkar, the publicity manager for the video, said “Rahul & Rakhi represent a young, vibrant & spunky Maharashtra, which inspite of facing deep-rooted issues and problems, is able to came out on top eventually.” The trailer for the video will depict Rahul & Rakhi slapping a Bihari auto-rickshaw driver for not speaking in Marathi & forcibly getting a romancing couple married.

A senior MGRP functionary said “The video shall take our ideology and physiology to the masses. It was a long cherished dream of Saaheb to ensure the spread of our philosophy to the common man. The dream is finally becoming a reality.”

So, mark the date in your calendar – “Mee, Mumbai Darr” releases, Feb 14th, 2010...

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