Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mumbai Minute

He stared at the shattered headlight and the bus driver in front. As he started to get out of the car, she placed a restraining hand on his shoulder "Honey, please..."

He glanced at the urchin with sympathetic disdain "Boss, yeh fusht class hai. Pecial dabba hai.Niklo nahi to police pakadega..."

Chhotu was running along with the car barely holding on to the fast closing window shouting "Saahab, ek to lelo..."

The fruit seller was pleading "Mhaaster, ye baar chhod do.Ghar pe bachha bimaar hai"

"Haay haay kya jodi hai re. Raju ko dekho, ekdum saarukh khan dikhta hai. Itna chikna hai. De na! Arre kuch to de na!" The couple got embarassed and started to walk furiously...

The old gentleman was pushing past everyone on the narrow footpath. An irate young man retorted "Unkil! Kya karta hai?" The gent replied "Kya karun beta, humaara company mein seth log bahut shtreek hai..."

"Andheri east?" "Gas nahi hai miyaan. Gaadi dene ka bhi time hogaya hai" the driver said, moving the cab forward. Another passenger got into it.

Loud music blared from the speakers surrounding the huge idol on the truck, as men with saffron headbands danced around it. "Sanskruticha paalan karaavay laagtay"they told the protesting motorists...

"License jama karna padega. 15 din lagega. Aur 500 rupaye ka phaain. Abi bolo kya karneka hai?" The cop told him, looking at the 100 rupee note he was clasping nervously...

"Main bolta hain na teko,public ko akal nahi hai gaadi chalaaneka" he said, as he lowered the window and spat outside.

"Aai, baba kashaala oradtaat? Hi ghaanerdi vaas kashaachi?" she asked, as her mother held her tightly, suppressing her tears. He continued his slurred profanities.

The ambulance's siren was blaring behind her. She looked desperately for space around to give way to it but there was none.

"Dhakka kyun deta hai? Pehli baar train mein jaa raha hai kya?" He fumed on the school student behind him, who stared meekly.

"I will give you a sea facing flat." The broker grinned, displaying a line of betel-stained teeth. "Sea-facing? In Borivali?" "Yes, just wait for the rains..."