Friday, June 4, 2010

Generating Financial Headlines...

Today, a senior colleague sent across a brilliant compilation. This whole blog is dedicated to him. I reproduce the compilation here:

Column 1: US, China, Asia, Europe, World
Column 2: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Markets, Banks, Economy, Currencies
Column 3: Soar, Rise, Slide, Plummet, Drop, Fall, Correct, Rally, Dip
Column 4: On
Column 5: Job, Euro, China, US, Credit, Consumption, Bank, Economic, Consumption, Production, Demand, Supply
Column 6: Fears, Growth, Expectations, Concerns, Easing, Failures, Tightening, Rise, Fall, Devaluation, Intervention

Well, whats so great, you ask? Just pick a word from each column, and there you have it folks - your very own Financial Headline Generator! It actually works! Try it!

Example 1: US Stocks Fall On Consumption Fears

Example 2: European Banks Rally On China Demand Growth

As you may  realise, a leading news and data provider website is a leading proponent of this approach...No prizes for guessing which one!

Its a fairly comprehensive approach too and works well even when one doesn't have a clue about financial markets! Just take a region, a market, a movement verb, and a cause. Repeat ad infinitum!

Sometimes, the zeal with which news providers seach for causes in trying to explain market movements, is simply exasperating. Much of the time, market movements may not have a particular driving reason - it just happens that a combination of bids and offers makes markets move that way!

But the human mind seeks explanations, preferring a simplified single dominant cause for the observed behaviour, rather than realising that thousands of exiguous threads of action and reaction came together to produce that behaviour.

Onward then...

World Markets Fall On Production Devaluation...

(If that didn't make sense, well, thats the point!)

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