Monday, June 21, 2010

B Grade Movies Meet Financial Markets...

Travelling around Mumbai has its advantages. If one is observant enough, some walls are adorned with posters from the latest...errr...mass entertainment motion pictures. I was just wondering what the results would be like if we had similar titles for the horrors encountered everyday in financial markets. A sample:

Kamsin Cable Pe Arabi Fida

Yen Anaadi, Dollar Khiladi

Pyaasa I Banker

Euro Ki Jawaani

Zahreela Fed

Sulagte Stops

Khooni Krosses

Shaitaani Dealing Room

Vaayda - The Future

Patni Short, Padosi Long

Bhayaanak Trade

Bid Humaar, Offer Tohaar

Vahshi Hedge Fund

Baagi Investor

Petticoat Mein Rate Float

Garam Technicals
Souten Ka Spread

Trader Bana Salesman

Qatil Economist


  1. Andheri raat mein, Fed chairman ke saath mein!!

  2. don't know what to praise....your observation or your imagination

  3. Khoka company

    Raj NIFTY :P

  4. @"Anon": Structuring chhodke yeh sab badmaashi :P

    @Utpal: Simple - praise both :P Just kidding - thanks a lot!

    @Anay: LOL!

  5. Tum life mein do cheezein excess kar rahe ho:
    1) B-grade movies jyada dekh rahe ho aur
    2) Financial markets jyada track kar rahe ho

    Take a break dear(excess of anythin is harmful):P

  6. Kya Beelu....Mujh gareeb ke le rahe ho :P

  7. Kya baat hai Kumar sirji .. too much creativity and effects of overworking at the same time :P

  8. Creative overworking, Jaiswalji...I am thinking of writing one with shaayaris as well :P Shall seek your inputs on that...