Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just One Word...

An interesting question to ponder over, on a lazy Sunday evening:

For each field of study, what's the one word that is central, top-of-mind and can act as the defining fundamental, building block or the representative summary of that field?

I tried to come up with some of them:

Geography: Maps

History: Dates

Journalism: News

Literature: Letters

Languages: Syllables

Philosophy: Thought

Law: Justice

Arts: Expression

Mathematics: Numbers

Geometry: Point

Chemistry: Elements

Physics: Forces

Electrical Engineering: Currents

Computer Engineering: Binary

Biology: Cell

Sociology: Society

Psychology: Person

Marketing: Customers

Economics: Demand-Supply (slight bending of rules here...)

Finance: Capital

Astronomy: Celestial

Religion: Belief

Architecture: Structure

Education: Learning

Agriculture: Crops

Medicine: Healing

Management: Decisions

Political Science: Collective

Accounting: Balance


  1. Finance - Funds
    (Wouldnt that be more appropriate ?)

  2. Finance - Frauds !!

  3. @Priya: Probably; I somehow felt capital is more appropriate

    @Utpal: Well-said! Also applicable to Management :P