Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Diary Of A Terrorist

Day 3:
I shiver with the bitter cold. M offers me some dry fruits. "Eat this" he says. "The mountains are treacherous. Many a brave man has lost his soul fighting the harsh winds"

Day 6:

"You will dress up like them. Jeans, t-shirts, sports shoes. Nothing out of the ordinary. Is that understood?" N interrupts "Sir, can we get to see Deepika Padukone once?" M breaks into a crooked smile. "You will see her eventually anyway..."

Day 8:

"Q got killed. Someone blew his cover. The police didn't think he had any important information. So they made it look like an encounter.We need to be careful. Don't go about wandering too much" For the first time, M looks afraid.

Day 11:

"Is everyone clear? P enters through the north overbridge. S will be on platform 2. K will be standing at the entrance with the bag. Once the fast train reaches at 8:56 AM, K will enter" M looks at me "K, you will need to be really careful with the bag. It should not shake too much before time."

Day 12:

"Look at that couple in the corner there. How shamelessly they are at it." P looks at me with a grin. The breeze on the pomenade is soothing. "No girl would have ever fallen for you" I tease him. "You never know" P says "There is still some time left"

Day 13:

The pigeons flutter about the beautiful building. Sunlight streams in through the windows. Slowly, the empty platforms start filling. With people. The people who are always in a hurry to get somewhere. The people who think it all really matters. The people who don't realise it's ultimately the dark alley in which all our paths must meet.

I clasp my bag tightly. Salvation is at hand.