Thursday, December 10, 2009

You know you are trading too much when...

You describe your expanding waist-line as curve steepening

You buy eggs in lots rather than dozens

You think of your hair loss as a fall in real yields

Your volatile love life is on a bearish divergence trend

Your bless your loved ones by saying "May the Flows be with you"

You feel that the price action of the traffic suggests that the road is well-bid

You think people moving in and out of the train represents good two-way interest

You think of Rain as God's liquidity management tool

You ask the waiter at the fast food joint if your 5 minute Take-Home order for Vada-Sambar got filled

You haggle with the street shoe vendors by saying "Yours" when their price is too high

Your weight-loss programme encounters a 25 year non-moving average barrier protection at 95 kgs

You say that you got stopped out on your cell-phone conversations because of no signals

You think wearing trousers is nothing more than short covering