Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diamond Republic

A 3 feet pool. Or 40 feet waves.

A fear. That things will be great. An innocent refusal to accept how good the future will be.

Vasudhaiva Kutambakam. Too much of it at times.

Aman ki Asha. Tunnels on the LoC.

An identity for every citizen. An attempt to pierce the veil.

Defiance. Those who live in smoking chimneys should not hand out carbon credits.

Language. The difference between imposition and choice.

More wanters. More doers. We all go round, we all fall down.

5007.90. A bubble? Or serious undervaluation?

Enlightened. More intolerance of intolerance. More extremism in moderation.

Chalta hai. Nahi chalta hai. Chalaana nahi, daudaana hai.

Reverse brain drain. Or lack of opportunities. Our loss. Our gain.

An idea whose time has come. Or just the realization falling in place.

60 years. Or 10,000. The best long-term fundamentals ever.

Yes, we are getting there.