Monday, February 28, 2011


We were meant to journey together
Hand in hand, the apple of my eye
You said you were always by my side
While I tried to pluck the clouds from the sky
Hush, why has your look now changed
Did their insolent touch rob your innocence?
No don't give me that seductive smile
Bear it I cannot; Nor that look of cunning
I was dancing to the tune that you were playing
Was I wrong to think it held everything?
You were the one with me night and day
Why do I get up and fight you everyday?
I sought comfort in your embrace
Now I shudder at your angry gaze
For I am nowhere, a seed not sown
Will you not awaken and call me your own?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GMD Redux!

I decided that I am bored of the "Gaaon Mein Sabun" line from GMD.

Also, its partial to the people working in the FMCG sector.

So I though of a few alternatives:

Tier 2 Consultant: Sunday ko ppt bana raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Corporate Finance: Documentation sambhaal raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Corporate Banking: SME appraisal kar raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Risk Management: Arbit model bana raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Bank Treasury Sales: Client ke peechhe pada hua hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Mutual Fund Sales: Client ke double peechhe pada hua hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Business Analyst: Google pe search maar raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

IT Consultant: Design nahi coding kar raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Executive Assistant: Secretary ka kaam kar raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Conglomerate: Yahaan se wahaan toss ho raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Equity Research: Faaltu ke view de raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

Financial Markets Trader: Andhere mein teer maar raha hai, jhooth hai uska hasna

HR: Baithke frax maar raha hai, sach hai uska hasna...

Monday, February 21, 2011


I wait for thee, my beloved
With longing unrestrained
The darkness grows beyond bearing
I yearn for thy sweet embrace
When thy cold lips kiss my forehead
Alone shall I know peace
Delay no longer, I beseech thee
For now regret I have none
A moment if allowed to escape
Will snatch the rays of the sun
'Tis an irony, a jest I hate
That men control naught of fate
The one holding must let go
And the one letting go holds
So I seek thee, my darling
Release me from this void
This ordeal, this abject surrender
This continuum of consciousness
My tired eyes can bear no more
Arise, I pray & liberate me...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day...

"Where are you off to?" He asked.

"Umm...No where in particular, Dada. Just going to meet a friend" She replied

"What's her name? Where does she stay?"

"She stays close by. Near New Market."

"Come back soon. I told you I don't want you loitering outside today. It's a big day for our party. Workers will be active all over the state. I don't want you to get hurt"

"What nonsense. I will just tell them my brother works for the Party. Then they won't harm me right?"

"Aarti, you know very well that a mob doesn't listen"

"Dada, I really don't agree with what you all are doing anyway. What's the problem with celebrating the day? It's just one more occasion for happiness. A day to express your love for everyone. Not just the boyfriend-girlfriend thing"

"It's not in our culture Aarti. People just take the name of that Christian saint and use it to corrupt the youth. Have you read up on the history of this day? Do you know what things people do under the garb of celebrating? So many innocent girls get trapped. We have to end this nonsense once and for all. At whatever cost."

"Ohh, so spreading love is not in our culture, but beating people and molesting women is? I don't agree, Dada. You want to know where I am going? I am going to get a present for my Valentine"

"Aarti! How dare you? I will skin you alive? Who's that b------?"

"What language! That too in front of your younger sister? He's a guy I have known and loved since childhood. And I won't let you stop me"

"Aarti, stop I say!"

He ran after her but she was too fast for him.

"Just you come back, girl. I wont leave you alive"

He came back into the room and plonked himself on the sofa.

The hours passed. He was getting updates practically every minute on the news channels.

"In Mangalore today, some girls and boys partying in a pub..."

"...and then were made to tie rakhis despite protesting their innocence"

 "...Commissioner has assured that law and order will be upheld..."

"Women must learn to behave decently in public..."

"....against our culture..."

"...being ruined by westernization"

" used as a guise for conversions..."

Suddenly, while flipping, one of the channels caught his attention. He quickly switched back to that channel.

"In a shocking incident, a young girl was set on fire by an angry mob allegedly belonging to the --- in Amravati. The party is known to be amongst the most virulent protesters against..."

He switched off the TV and dialled a number. No response.

"Ho, Saaheb. Mee TV var baghitlo. Ti mulgi Goverment hospital madhe aahe. Mee baghun yeto" (Yes Sir, I saw in on TV. The girl is in the Government hospital. I will go and check). He hurried outside.

Beads of cold sweat were forming on his forehead as he headed near the ICU of the hospital. A ward boy tried to stop him, but he brushed him aside.

His mind had not prepared for the sight beyond. A burnt figure, swathed in bandages lay on the bed. The figure looked at him with a questioning glance. There as a gleam of recognition in it's eyes. Murmuring something which he didn't hear, the figure breathed its last.

His fingers were trembling. He saw a charred paper in the corpse's hands and pulled it out. It was a greeting card. On it was written

"My sweetest Dada,

I dedicate this day to you, my Valentine, the person I admire and love the most. The world is too small and life is too short for us to spread hatred and violence. Let us all learn to live in peace and harmony.
                                                                                                                                        Your loving sister,

The ward boy was knocking frantically on the superintendent's door.

"Sir, please come outside; There's a man in the ICU who's not responding at all. He's just sitting still like a stone..."

Outside, cries of victory could be heard

"Videshi  tyohaar baaher kara, Maharashtrechi laaj vaachva" (Discard foreign festivals, preserve Maharashtra's modesty)

"Jai Maharashtra!"