Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Design

I was walking along the promenade. The lights of the Queen's Necklace visible in the distance. The sea waves gently crashing on the shore.

Words kept flitting in and out of my mind - Inflation, Corruption, Rating Downgrade, Crash, Double Dip, Eurozone, Unemployment, Unusually Uncertain...Facts & Figures, Graphs, Pictures...

Then I saw him.

There was something eerie about him. Dirty, unkempt, mangy. His clothes torn, his hair dishevelled. And yet his face seemed oddly familiar.

He saw me. His fingers were clasping a piece of paper tightly. His hands were quivering.

He spoke to me, as one does with someone known but unfamiliar.

"The Design. The Design. I have figured out the Design"

His eyes had a strange gleam. His face had a suppressed smile, as if he was trying hard to restrain his excitement.

"Can you see? Can you see the Design?"

He pointed to the piece of paper. It was blank.

I stood, struggling to make sense.

"This is the Design. Why don't you see? This is the Design!"

I shook my head sadly. "Sir, that paper is blank" I said

The man could no longer contain himself. He burst out laughing.

"You don't see. You just don't see."

I got irritated. "There's nothing to see!" I retorted.

"Exactly" he said, and walked away; While I was left standing...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Pakadkay jisay chalna seekha tunay, Woh ungli main hoon
Sisak-sisak roya tha tu jispay, Woh kandha main hoon
Hamesha judi thi jo tujhsay, Woh umeed main hoon
Bimaar dekh tujhay jo uthti, Woh bechaini main hoon
Bheed mein tujhay jo dhoondti, Woh nazar main hoon
Niraasha mein sambhaala jisnay, Woh aashwaasan main hoon
Soch ko teri banaaya jisnay, Woh protsaahan main hoon
Sudhaara galtiyon ko teri jisnay, Woh tamaacha main hoon
Panapnay diya vyaktitva ko jisnay, Woh prerna main hoon
Meri kamiyaan dikhaai jisnay, Woh aaina main hoon
Chuppi saadhay hai tu jinsay, Woh armaan main hoon
Jawaab bhool raha hai tu jinkay, Woh sawaal main hoon
Mooh pher raha hai tu jissay, Woh niraasha main hoon
Pehchaannay se inkar hai jisko, Woh darr main hoon
Andekha kar raha hai tu jisay, Woh saakshaat main hoon
Jo tera bhavishya hoga kabhi, Woh vartmaan main hoon...